SMS Pricing Information

Each Ovatu plan contains an included monthly SMS credit allowance. Once this monthly limit is reached, extra SMS credits must be purchased.

1 SMS credit costs US$0.01

Your cost per SMS, is a reflection of the price charged by the SMS carrier, in your region, at the time of sending. Therefore, the per SMS prices listed below are approximations:

Country Credits per SMS Cost per SMS
Australia 5 US$0.05
Canada 1 US$0.01
United Kingdom 5 US$0.05
USA 1 US$0.01
New Zealand 8.5 US$0.085
Europe 6-12 US$0.06 - US$0.12
  • All SMS credits are valid for Marketing and Reminder SMS.
  • Monthly SMS credit allowance is calculated based on a calendar month.
  • Monthly SMS credit allowance must be used within the calendar month. Monthly SMS credits do not roll over to subsequent months.
  • Extra SMS credits purchased do not expire.
  • SMS credits can be purchased via the Web App, either manually, or auto top-up can be set up to ensure continuous availability.
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