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Full Visibility

Looking for insights on how much revenue an individual employee is generating? Or maybe you want to know how popular a service has been over the past 6 months. Ovatu's powerful and segmented reporting tools allow you to gather information on data that helps you make meaningful business decisions.


Report Types

Within Ovatu's reporting set, you can gather granular insights on your sales, bookings and employee data over a set period whilst also collecting crucial information on inventory volume and customer revenue.


Permissions & Session Management

You're the boss! Stay in full control of your entire business with clever oversight tools. Set your employees up with logins, passwords & PINs, select their permission settings to manage data access, view and revoke active sessions and access an entire audit trail to know exactly what's happening within you account.

Multi User - Multi Device

Portability is flexibility. Ovatu’s completely synchronised system means that you and your team can stay on top of your business from anywhere, anytime. Access all of your account information from any Web, iOS or Android device and give your employees their own unique logins and permissions.

Coming in 2022


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The same booking system you know and love, only a whole lot better!

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