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We care about our impact on the environment

We are dedicated to taking small but meaningful steps towards caring for our planet and are so excited to take you on this journey with us!

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Ovatu is committed to being an environmentally sustainable company. Empowering both our staff and customers to make a difference.

Take small steps

Small but powerful actions can have a huge impact! This is why we are planting one little tree at a time for every Ovatu customer.

Lead by example

Ovatu is a proudly carbon neutral company, with a 100% remote team, and a culture of looking after each other and our planet.

Empower others

By choosing Ovatu for your business, you are taking your own small but powerful steps towards implementing sustainable business practices.
We plant trees

One Tree Planted

We plant trees

Or more accurately, YOU plants trees - you legend! For every new customer who joins Ovatu, we plant one tree! We've partnered with One Tree Planted to continuously contribute towards various reforestation projects around the globe. Trees are vital to improve air quality, provide habitats for animals, foster water retention, help with climate cooling and much more!

We work remotely
How does our planet benefit from this?

Apart from inserting flexibility into our employees lives, remote work has a positive impact on the environment.


Less time commuting every year

100,000 Sheets

of paper saved every year

5,400 kWh of energy

saved every year by working at home

Meet Promise

Ovatu's sponsor child

Meet Promise

Unfortunately, many children around the world don't have access to basic everyday needs. Our sponsorship of Promise helps him get access to water, education, food and shelter. He Lives in Zimbabwe and loves to play football, read and hang out with his friends and send us awesome letters!

Helping after the devastating bushfires

One Tree Planted

Helping after the devastating bushfires

Ovatu's founders are based on the South Coast of NSW, where they saw first hand the devastating effect the 2019/2020 Australian bushfires had, not only on Australians but also the delicate habitat of millions of animals and native wildlife. We made a pledge to donate 100% of our proceeds from new signs ups in January 2020 and were proud to make a donation of $5000 to the Australian Wildlife association.

Who we are

Meet the Ovatu team
and its founders

Ovatu was started to be more than just another business…
We want to create meaningful change to our customers and staff.

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