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SMS & Email Reminders

You book someone in for a treatment and they don’t turn up! It’s frustrating and is far more expensive than just lost revenue. Ovatu’s SMS & Email Reminders nurture your clients straight to your business, without you lifting a finger.

Bye bye no-shows!

Say goodbye to an empty room. Forgetful customers sometimes need a little reminder.

Reviews On Autopilot

Build trust with stellar reviews. Ovatu automatically prompts your customers to review you after their appointment!

Hey There Again!

Your clients will get scheduled reminders prompting them to book in for their follow up visit.

All Automated. All day.

Set it and forget it. You focus on your client, Ovatu focuses on the automation. The ultimate time-saver!


More time with automated forms

Being able to cut down on consultation time allows you to spend time on revenue generating activities. Automate your forms and start every appointment off with all the info you need.

Build Forms With Ease

A super simple tool to build any type of form you need.

Emailed, Filled, Returned

Automatically send forms to your customers before their appointment starts and have it electronically stored for when you need it.

No Paper, No Problems!

Electronically storing your forms allows you to access them whenever and however you need. Instantly.

Compliance Ready

Have all of your forms ready for all of your compliance and insurance needs! Click...download...ready!


Know your clients even better

Ovatu’s client file allows you to pick-up where you left off and access their entire information history in a few simple clicks. Easily accessible on any device.

Know Their History

See individual clients entire treatment history. Accessible and in one place.

Photo Upload

Need a little visual help to remember a specific treatment? Simply snap a photo and upload it for later!

Simple Notes

‘Awesome customer, successfully relieved back pain. Monitor in next appointment’. Stay informed.

Customer File Export

Need to export customer data? We will email it straight to you the moment you need it.


Online Booking 24/7/365

Just because you’re in a room helping a client with that niggling knot, doesn’t mean you can’t still be receiving appointments with your own online booking and deposits portal.

Your Style, Your Brand

Your very own online booking site to show off your professional brand, with your very own book.app domain!

A Bot That Books?

Introducing the bot that sits on your website and pushes your site visitors to try that new therapy you're offering.

Get clients to your door

Taking deposits online gives you that extra confidence that clients will turn up for their treatment.

Save Tons of Time

No more phone-calls at the end of a hard day…you can take bookings while you're on the beach, in the bath or enjoying a cuppa!


Customers want more flexibility to pay

Simplicity and flexibility. This is what clients are now expecting and it's now even easier than ever to deliver.

Simple Payment Integrations

Easily process card transactions with seamless integrations for Square, iZettle, Sum Up and PayPal.

mPOP tills that 'POP'

Turn your from desk into a work of art, with Ovatu's mPOP till drawer integration for iOS and Android.

On the spot invoicing

Create invoices for treatments and products in a few simple clicks.

Got products?

Never lose track of stock levels with Ovatu's purchase order, stocktake and inventory tools.

A real Return On Investment

See how Andrew saw an ROI from Ovatu in the first week.

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