Sales: How do I checkout a Reservation?

To Checkout a Reservation, locate the Reservation on the Bookings screen and click on it to open it

Click Create Sale

Choose the time to be recorded on the Sale from either:

  • Now (the current time), or
  • Reservation Time (the time of the Reservation)

The Checkout screen will appear

(This is a mini-view of a Sale)

Here you can:

  1. Add another Service to the Sale
  2. Add a Product, Pass, Gift Card, or Customer Credit to the Sale
  3. Add any custom Charges to the Sale
  4. Apply a Discount to the Sale
  5. Add a Payment

You can also choose to:

  • Email the Sale to the Customer using the Send Email Checkbox
  • Print the Sale using the Print checkbox
  • Rebook the Customer in for another Reservation using the Rebook drop down menu

When you have completed the Sale, choose Close Sale

A Reservation with a paid Sale attached to it will display on the Bookings screen with a Paid tag

Use the Open Full Sale button to open the full Sale

For more information about Sales, see How do I create a new Sale?

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